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Water connection for remote school in Ethiopia

LOCATIONThe Hudad, EthiopiaDRIVEN BYAllan Kennedy

The Hudad plateau in Ethiopia is one of the most remote parts of Africa, 3,200m above ground level. Allan Kennedy, the organisation Friends of the Hudad and The Reece Grant partnered to build a school with fresh water to improve the community's health and wellbeing.


The local community on the Hudad live in harsh conditions due to their remote location, and inadequate access to drinking water meant they had to share with livestock.


Allan and his team tapped a spring, built an upper and lower reservoir and and handdug a 2.5km long trench to carry the water downhill to the school. They installed a toilet block, a trough for local livestock, and drinking fountains and taps.

The hygiene and benefits that come from clean water are immeasurable.

Allan Kennedy


The water connection has made a huge difference to not just the students but the whole community. Clean water will enable a new market garden and reduce illness. Toilet facilities have led to more school attendance.


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