Ian and Lauren

Our experience in Cambodia was like nothing we’d ever done. The gratitude from the locals was unreal, and the feeling of reward immeasurable. We hope it inspires you to get involved.

June 2016

Lauren: On my first ever trip to Cambodia, my son and I got lost on the way back to our accommodation. As we wandered the streets, we met a woman and her daughter. My son was thirsty, so the woman kindly offered him a drink of water from a battered red plastic cup.

“I've never seen water like it. Brown. Bugs. Runoff. When I saw that water, I knew I had to do something.”

I launched Community Generation, a non-profit aiming to help bring clean water to Cambodia. We partnered with Reece, planning to build new toilet blocks and bring fresh water to Kampacha Primary School. This meant the skills of a plumber were needed. That’s where Dad comes in.

April 2017

Ian: It seems like simple stuff - clean water to drink and somewhere to relieve yourself. But, in places all over the world, even Australia, there are a lot of people that can't access a proper toilet or an unpolluted water source. Trade skills are hard to come by in Cambodia; a lot of the skills weren’t passed on when war claimed nearly a generation of young men. When you break it down, each part of the project was fairly simple – rehabilitating the well, running pipe, installing filters, storage tanks and taps.

“But, all together, it's a huge improvement in quality of life.”

I'm so glad I was brought on board to help out, because a plumber is one of only a handful of people that can bring fresh water to a community.  

August 2018

Lauren: On top of the installation of infrastructure was educating the community on how to use it, and we’re already hearing amazing results. Teachers say attendance at school is up and the kids are so much healthier. It's a wonderful feeling, not just to give people access to clean water, but empowering them to own the solution themselves.

“Handing the system over to them so they can have control over their own lives - that’s the real solution.”


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