There's nothing like the feeling of giving back. I'm so proud of what we accomplished on the Hudad. Not just the plumbing system we built, but all the knock-on effects. And it's something only plumbers can do.

April 2018, Day 1

We made it to the Hudad today, a region in the mountains of Ethiopia. It’s a two and a half-hour walk, straight up. The locals must have had a time of it getting the supplies up. We’ll be building a toilet block and helping connect the water lines that have been run from a water well two and a half kilometres away.

“Before now, the villagers have been sharing the water with their livestock out of necessity, but you can imagine the health issues that leads to.”

April 2018, Day 12

We’ve started setting up the toilet block and hooking up the water line. We brought over our own fittings in our luggage, because it’s too hard to get the stuff we need on the ground locally.

The team aren’t used to working at a 3,000 foot altitude, but just like the locals, they’re tough and resilient. Next is to fit the roof onto the school, finalise the toilet block and make sure we’ve fully tested the water line. We’re getting close to the finish line!

October 2018

The wet season arrived at the end of April, which meant we had to come back to finish up the project.

We picked up right where we left off, and, after a few weeks of hard work, we’ve achieved what we set out to do.

“For the first time ever, there’s clean drinkable water on the Hudad.”


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